THE BOOK: "LIGHT CAMERA ACTION!" How I use Adobe LR for aviation photography, by Rich Cooper

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Sharp, organised, edited images... Images that jump out the screen. Shots that express your creativity and passion for aviation photography, and make people stop in their tracks. Images that open new doors in your pursuit of aviation.

Those are things that we all want.

I've been able to master this post-processing through years of shooting and experience... And it's all through Adobe Lightroom.

This book tells you how, when and and why I use it.

It's actually the first book I have ever written on the subject. In fact, strange as it may seem, it's the first book I have ever written as all the others have been as editor or publisher!

It's everything that I would teach in a £90 Workshop to show you the application of Lightroom to aviation Photography and how I use it.

So yeah, this is pretty special.

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Hardcover, Dust Jacket

  • Mohawk proPhoto Pearl paper
  • Black Linen cover construction
  • Mid-Grey End Sheet
  • SPEC: 10x sections, 80x images, 13,500 words, Hardback, Dust Jacket, Print to order, 64 pages, 10x8in
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*** ORDER LINK: https://www.blurb.co.uk/user/COAPMedia ***

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