RAF Tornado Gulf War Tribute Limited Edition COMAO Package

What a legendary jet!

The RAF Tornado has gone down in history as one of the finest fighters of a generation, with decades on the frontline of combat ops. The type bowed out of RAF service on 14th March 2019 and has been sorely missed ever since. Brimming with power and noise and a ton of character, the jet was flown by super skilled and experienced crews right to the end.

This Limited Edition COMAO 'Granby' package celebrates the contribution that the type made to the Gulf War conflict in 1991 during Operation 'Granby', some 30 years ago.

Exclusively curated, it holds some absolute gems - and there's only 30 available.

Here's what's included...

  • 1 of 30 RAF Tornado models, made from ZA452 'Gulf Killer'
    Tornado GR1/GR4 ZA452 was 'Gulf Killer' during Operation 'Granby and completed 32 missions over Iraq. This exclusive model, produced for Hangar 75 by Icarus Originals, is made from the skin of the jet and is mounted on a laser-etched serialised stand and comes with a certificate of authenticity. (RRP £59.99)
  • 1 of 30 Exclusive RC-Pro "Granby Tribute" Limited Edition Artwork Prints
    A stunning 16in, pro lab, velvet paper, with an exclusive design and Rich Cooper image of RAF Tornado GR4 ZG750 (aka 'Pinky'). The image was caught during the type's last air-to-air sortie en-route to RIAT 2019 and features a second angle ghosted into the clouds. One of only 20. (RRP £75)
    Your choice from one of the three designs! We have three special t-shirts designed as a tribute to Operation Granby, the RAF operation of the 1991 Gulf War. Each one features the artwork of Keith Draycott, with one showing the desert pink Tornado, Jaguar and Buccaneer; one the nose art applied to Tornado ZA447 'MiG Eater' and ZD739 'Armoured Charmer'. The hardest thing will be which one to choose! (RRP £30) 

  • GULF WAR TRIBUTE stickers
    A wicked set of stickers contains a four-ship of Gulf War Tornado GR1s (ZA447 'MiG Eater', ZA452 'Gulf Killer', ZD739 'Armoured Charmer', ZD748 'Enola Kay') in a kiss-cut design. (RRP £10) 
  • Runway 25 Operation Desert Storm Patch
    This classy PVC patch is produced by the high quality merch provider, Runway 25. It features a close up of the nose art applied to ZA447 'MiG Eater', the armament used, and the inscriptions 'Operation Desert Storm / 30th Anniversary / 1991-2021'. (RRP £9.99)

  • 10% Voucher: Windswept Tornado Beer
    This exclusive voucher gives you 10% off an order of a case of 12x Tornado beers (excellent) from the Lossiemouth-based and ex-Tornado aircrew-owned Windswept Brewing Co.

The individual cost and shipping of these items amounts to £215, but this special Limited Edition Tomcat COMAO package - ** WITH JUST 30 AVAILABLE** - is at a one-time, all-in price of £175 including insured, signed for postage & packing.

HOW YOUR ORDER WORKS: Your order comes in direct to COAP HQ and will personally be dealt with by Rich Cooper. Within 24hrs, contact will be made to discuss your t-shirt size and colour preferences and whether you would like Rich to sign and number your print. He will ensure that the whole package is managed for you, including your exclusive discount vouchers, and you can choose to have some elements shipped immediately, or wait for the complete COMAO to come together (delivery time varies on the print-to-order clothing).